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CAPA Rescue

Community Animal Protection Association

Saving The World, One Tail at a time!!


Community Animal Protection Association (CAPA) Rescue is a small foster based rescue in NE Missouri. We strive to save the many stray, neglected, & abused animals in our region! We work closely with a small local pound. We work very closely with them to provide rescue to the animal at risk of being euthanize.

Saving The World, One Tail At A Time!!

We are a small group of people dedicated to assisting animals in need. We are foster based, so we don't always have an opening for incoming animals. In many of those cases we locate a rescue that does have room. Our ultimate mission is to provide a safe haven for animals in need. We promote spaying and neutering all pet cats and dogs and educate pet owners on responsibilities of pet ownership.


To ensure any pets we have for adoption we have a few things we require and will not budge. We will not adopt to homes that have outside dogs or plan to make our dog an outside dog. The only exception would be dogs that have a "job", such as a Pyrenees that guards the sheep. We also require your current dog(s) and any dog adopted from us MUST be tested and on preventative care. Your current pets MUST be spayed or neutered unless a vet says it is medically dangerous to do so. Your current pets MUST be up to date on vaccinations and your adopted pet must stay current on vaccinations.

If you do not agree to these terms or cannot comply, then please do not ask to adopt our pets. These are our pets and our rules. We put a lot of love, time and money into them and will find the right home for each one, no matter what. There are plenty of animals in the local pounds that need homes too.

PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS! Every spring the pet population continues to will never be under control until owners take proper care of their pets!

Please email for the fastest response the address is only a mailing address, as we do not have a physical location. Our animals are in foster homes.